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Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at san.rr.com
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Don't know how to stop it; somehow the solvents seem to be able to
evaporate through a well stoppered tube. I use MEK or lacquer thinners
as a solvent to get it runny again - squirt some out onto a metal
surface and then work in a drop or two of solvent at a time with a knife
- like working pastry.

It's a good trick if you have run out of Mr Surfacer at 6.30 on Saturday
night - just make it really runny with the solvent and then paint it
into that seam that just won't go away. However I wouldn't recommend
using it as a spray primer - all that solvent would do horrible things
to the plastic as well as your  lungs and liver 


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~I use Squadron Wite putty. I always re-cap it after squeezing some out.
~After a month or so, I notice the the stuff in the tube is a lot less
~liquid. ANy tips on how to stop this or remedy it once it starts?
~Mike Muth

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