[WWI] Re: Contest entry form - was Atlanta Nats registration

S Hirve ot811 at msbx.net
Wed Jul 20 09:55:06 EDT 2005

   I am looking for the contest entry forms, not the show Registration forms, sorry for the msleading subject header.
See you there thursday night!
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>They removed the link on the 15th.
>It looks like you will have to register in Atlanta.
>Look forward to meeting you there.
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>>I am looking on the 2005 Nats website for blank forms for contest entries. 
>>I cant seem to find them - the ones that you can fill and take to the show 
>>instead of filling them at the entrance !
>>  They had them last year.  Any help appreciated.
>> And by the way, the Bezo triplane is finally done !
>> regards
>> Sanjeev

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