[WWI] Re:Contents WWI Digest, Vol 20, Issue 34

JNe4040718 at aol.com JNe4040718 at aol.com
Tue Jul 19 21:40:57 EDT 2005

Hi, I have the 1/32 Dr.1, coming along nicely, a few dips but no pitfalls,  
using Tom's PE, Plastruct rod and telephone wire for rigging.  The DVI is  
depicted on the box side, the same pic at the Squadron Mail Order site.   Remember 
the box art is done by an artist, and the Eastern European style  has bolder 
colors as its foundation.  I think the Eagle Strike decals are  the only way 
to go, and if you got a scanner and an inkjet printer,  well....
                                                         Chip-Chip, Peerio!
                                                             Joel Newsom

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