[WWI] title fight (was Italian seat belts)

iban ibancorp at tds.net
Tue Jul 19 15:39:51 EDT 2005

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From: "Lance Krieg" <lance.krieg at amerus.com>
> While various antipodes have wasted our time amusing themselves with
> flippant answers

all right, lance!  a direct challenge to shane t.e. for the title of list
grouch, yes?

when's the championship bout being held, then?

this'll beat telly-vision any day (having just watched the history
channel(?) call a nieuport 11 replica a sopwith camel, it won't take much,
of course, but from two of the best repositories of wwi aircraft info on the
list, it should be truly great.)

so what are the rules of engagement in a list title fight, and who gets to
choose the weapons?



<time wasting, self-amusing, flippant answer mode off>

<off, i said!>

<off, off, off!>

dammit!  who stuck an italian seatbelt pin in my silly mode off switch?

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