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taking note of the hyphenated suffix on your surname...

no relation by any chance, was he?


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> When was the Sutton harness invented? And when did it go into general
> service? 
> Sutton died in a crash in 1921 or so, so it was before then; some OT
> types did have some form of the Sutton harness by the sounds of things
> so my guess is perhaps 1917 or 1918. If the Sutton harness had been in
> widespread use those Sopwiths wouldn't have needed so much padding
> around the guns so I'm sticking to a wide lap belt unless I have
> evidence to the contrary. However the spare etched parts are handy for
> my not-quite-OT stuff.
> Aidrian
> >>Perhaps I and you are wrong as all photo etched stuff seems 
> to supply the Sutten rig for all British Aircraft? ie: Eduard
> Camel,Sopwith 
> Triplane, Sopwith Pup, and Part for the SE5a.<<
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