[WWI] Roden big D.VI

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 15:10:43 EDT 2005

Thanks, Mike.  I ate my own words and checked ebay after I sent my message 
and found one for a reasonable price about to end in a bit.


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>Eduard made one a few years ago Chris. I have it in my display case, and if
>my foggy memory is correct, it's featured in the Gallery. You should be 
>to find one, perhaps on ePray. I agree with you on the lines, it just looks
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>Personally, I really like the D.VI.  I think it's got good lines and really
>comes off as a pilot's plane.  I wish one would come out in 48th.  I'm no
>good at vac, so the tom's kit's out.  I have the resin version and I may
>start on it soon, since once I cleaned up the parts, it doesn't seem near 
>bad as everyone's always said.  I haven't ever seen one of the old eduard
>kits for sale either.
>I think the lower lozenge may not be as bad in person.  If they look like
>the ones that came with some of the 48th D.VII kits, it's more pastel than
>the pics show.
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> >
> >Box art and decals to be seen for the 1/32nd Fokker D.VI at
> >http://www.rodenplant.com/HTML/603.htm   . Nice individual markings, 
> >lozenge (IMHO, actually the top stuff isn't so bad, but the lower is
> >psychodelic). Sorry if this link was posted before and I missed it.
> >
> >Paul why-a-D.VI T.
> >

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