[WWI] Hi Everyone

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Tue Jul 19 00:11:08 EDT 2005

Welcome on the list. I hope (and think) you will find what you need with 
this list.


ggc a écrit :

>Just joined the list. I am down here is Panama and build all kinds of models. Mainly scratch build
>in 1:48 scale, I also do Paper and Plastic models in that order.
>I do WW1 aircraft but also planes from the 30´s. Presently I am doing an IMAM RO-1, an observation plane of the Regia Aeronautica which was very active in the front lines during the Ethiopina Campaign of 1935. 
>On my scratbuilt models I work with wood, card, paper and do most of my radial engines with Epoxi (modelled in Playdo). I paint with an airbrush, small brushes and use the regular Acrylic paints. For weathering I use, oils, crayons, pastels. I "cheat" a lot with spoke wheels (Pinted card and O-rings!! :)-.....)

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