[WWI] Camel pilot seat belt

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Jul 18 13:53:37 EDT 2005

> Well, that would make RAF Hendon wrong too, since the wide lap-belt is 
> what's in their half-covered Bristol fighter. Maybe the PE people get 
> misled by retro-fitting of those types that saw post-war service?

It seems that after 1918 pilots became more concerned on keeping their 
facial features un-crushed, after the dimishment of risk of having any 
bodily parts pierced and/or burned by direct or indirect actions by the 
enemy (i.e. "les sauvages").
Apart from that, former daring pilots would get a good chance of starring on 
a movie if they had a complete set of teeth to smile at the camera or to a 
Hence, they all preferred the Sutton harness, that looked much like a set of 
braces, or suspenders, whatever you may like to call them. Interestingly 
enough, no cockpit accoutrements resembled the male hose garter. A lost 
opportunity, I daresay.

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