[WWI] Camel pilot seat belt

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 18 01:45:25 EDT 2005

>See Harry Woodman's book or it's online version - online picture at
>  http://www.wwimodeler.com/harry/chapter2/ch2-5-cockpits.htm
>This is apparently a standard pattern used on a great number of
>different types - note the absence of shoulder restraints which resulted
>in many pilots getting seriously remodelled faces during forced landings
>I don't think shoulder harnesses came in until the thirties or at least
>the late twenties so most etched WW1 RFC/RNAS sets are suspect for

I am glad that someone seems to agree with my thoughts on British seatbelts. 
While researching the SE5a I thoght that wide lap belt in the bird was the 
right way to go but the Consensus on the Aerodrome forum was the "Standard" 
Sutton harness. Perhaps I and you are wrong as all photo etched stuff seems 
to supply the Sutten rig for all British Aircraft? ie: Eduard Camel,Sopwith 
Triplane, Sopwith Pup, and Part for the SE5a. Anyone else care to weigh in 
on this?
Rick G.

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