[WWI] Camel pilot seat belt

Phillip Rayner dauphinxox at msn.com
Sun Jul 17 20:37:06 EDT 2005

          Can anyone describe or better still, direct me to a photo that 
shows the seatbelt typ worn by a Sopwith Camel pilot, preferably a 2F1.

Are you making the Eduard model? I couldn't find any original pics of the 
seatbelts, though you might want to contact the IWM who have a 2F1 and are 
very good at digging out pix.. The Eduard belts on their 2F1 appear to be 
exactly the same as those used by Ken Foran in his mind boggling F1.1, which 
is shown in extensive detail in his gallery, here on the WWI list, and at 
Hope that this helps.


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