[WWI] 1/48 WW-I decals on sale at Nats (LSM)

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse rossmoor at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jul 17 20:15:08 EDT 2005

Mike West from LSM posted this at Hyperscale forums...

" I was packing today and found a pile of decals I had printed for some of 
my kits now discontinued. They are for the Hansa Brandenberg W-29, Fokker 
D-VII, and Morane "L" Parasol. All are in 1/48 scale and quality decals. The 
Morane is two sheets I am selling them at a very reduced price just to get 
rid of them and with the new Eduard D-VII on the way they will give you 
still another option for markings. The Morane has Russian, German, French 
and British markings the W-29 has German and Danish markings . D-VII has 
Polish and a assortment of German personal markings.

Price: D-VII $2.00ea.
W-29 $2.00 ea
Morane $4.00ea.

See you there, Mike"



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