[WWI] airspeed indicator

Diego Fernetti d_fernetti at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 16 20:06:50 EDT 2005

>I'm working on the last fiddly bits on my HB W.29

Good to hear that! Don't forget to post pics of it before goind to the Nats!

 >need a good photo of the type of airspeed indicator
>that is sort of a post with two prongs (I hope I am
>explaining this well enough).
>seen in the photos 24-27 in the

Hmmm well... (I'm brandishing here my newest datafile, thanks kindly folks 
up North!) Sure you mean pictures 25 and 27, since you can't see the 
airspeed thingie on pic #24.
You may notice that this is indeed a captured aircraft, late model, and on 
which tests are being carried on by the Englanders. The pitot tube to which 
you refer is of the British type, just like the ones you may see installed 
on a Sopwith Camel strut, but on this case, it has been mounted on a short 
pylon, probably to minimize the wing surface airflow on the measurement. The 
gauge is not on the wing itself, but most probably mounted inside the 
fuselage to which the pitot is connected by mean of a small diametre pipe 
(sure there is another pipe in there, taking measurements of the static 
pressure opposed to dynamic).
In any case, I doubt that your civilian HB would use the Brit pitot design, 
since it still flew on Germany after the war. Anyway, if you will use this 
option, the Tom Modelworks British Interior PE set and also the Fotocut "WW1 
extravaganza" have several of these small pronged instrument probes.

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