[WWI] Added Halberstadt DII

Tom Morgan trmorgan at mts.net
Sat Jul 16 19:53:58 EDT 2005


There is no wood in the cockpit - everything is plastic or brass.  The wood 
grain is the often described technique of a light coat of acrylic - such as 
unbleached linen - streaked with a darker oil.  The acrylic must be a matt, 
for some "tooth" for the oil to grip, and I use a soft flat brush and just 
add a little oil at a time until it is dark enough.  If the grain isn't 
right, just wipe the oil off and try again.  Then leave it alone for a 
couple of days to dry.  Honestly, it takes only a little practice.

>what wood did you use that looks like such a good scale grain?'

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