[WWI] Added Halberstadt DII

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 16 18:19:30 EDT 2005

Ah, the insanity, the sheer lunacy -- I mourn for you, lost to the wilds of
AMS and its slide into such HORRIBLY SUPERB WORK!

I have a friend who remarked while we were judging one time that "no reason
to look at the WWI for best cockpit, they're always so simple."  I need to
take him by the hand and show him that one.  That said, the Halberstadt
looks like a great subject for a scratch build, since it is so simple in

Tom, you don't say how much of it is plastic and how much wood, but if that
interior is plastic, that is the most realistic depiction of wood I have
seen.  If it is wood, the question becomes 'what wood did you use that
looks like such a good scale grain?'

I'd love to see it in person.  Keep filing the photo updates!


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