[WWI] Nats Attendees

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 15 16:18:36 EDT 2005

Warren Dickinson wrote:
> Karen writes contradictory information: 
> "... we will attempt to get everyone together for a Friday evening dinner. "
> "... I  suggest Saturday lunch as a good time..."

> OK, maybe my mind has gone, but I thought this was what was planned: 
> Is there a reason this has been moved to Friday?  My schedule is
> somewhat flexible, but let's just settle on one thing, please.

No, Warren, your mind is probably still where you left it    :-)
I did hear off-list from a few folks and Friday seemed preferable, 
despite our losing a few listees that will be judging that evening. 
Seemed like more guys wanted to catch some of the Saturday seminars and 
wallow in the hotel pool. So as of today (16:14, 7/15/05) the 
'semi-informal' list gathering will be a Friday supper.
But since we all seem to be flexible,      :-)       check at Buz's list 
table for any updates. We're looking at some places off-campus so we'd 
have to arrange for designated drivers.


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