[WWI]Halb D.II altimeter springs

Tom Morgan trmorgan at mts.net
Fri Jul 15 16:24:23 EDT 2005


Thanks dude!

The springs are .003" steel wire, annealed and twisted around a .008" wire.  The eye bolts are .004" steel wire.

The !*{~#*+% problem was securing the altimeter-spring-eyebolt complex to the cockpit - 7 articulating parts that each had a mind of its own.  The key (after much frustation) was to secure the 7 parts to each other with white glue, position it into the cockpit, secure the bolts with CA and the altimeter with epoxy, then gently wipe away the white glue with the tip of a wet brush, taking care not to splash it all over the rest of the completed dashboard.


> Please elaborate on how to do those small springs for the >instrument case.

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