[WWI] Added:Hobby Craft 1/32 Camel

Bruce Dyck bruce.dyck at mts.net
Fri Jul 15 11:26:06 EDT 2005

Thanks Mike.  I used several layers to achieve the wood effect.  As I wanted
a darker wood tone, I started with Testers' Mat Desert Tan.  After leaving
it to fully cure, I went back with Humbrol's Brown and after brush painting
the entire area, I used an old toothbrush that had a coat of old dry flat
black, (I usually use it for adding race track grime), and pulled it through
the area.  I found it helps if it is humid outside, or if I wait a few
minutes until the paint starts to dry.  I then repeat the process with
Testers' Wood, and various different browns, until I'm happy with it.  Ok
not happy, but until I realize that I will only make it worse if I keep
trying to "fix" my "mistakes".
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> Bruce
>     Nice build. I especially liked the wood effect. How did you do it?
> Mike Muth

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