[WWI] RE: WWI in 1/144 (was Joel Christy)

Nigel Rayner nigel at rosnar.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 17:57:21 EDT 2005

Joel wrote:

>This is just a test to see if my message will get through. I've been
doing alot od 144 scale >models lately including a Short 184 and a
Caproni 4a based on the latest Datafile. Anyone 
>else out there doing WWI in 144?

Hi Joel, I am currently working on the 1/144 Hippo Models Zeppelin L11
(LZ41) and plan to do a whole "first battle of Britain" series in 1/144.
I have the SRAM Zeppelin Staaken and plan to get their Gotha, along with
some British fighters (Morane, SE5a plus one or two others). I also have
the Blue Rider SSW R1 to do at some stage. I think 1/144 scale is great
for larger a/c. I was going to say it keeps the models to a manageable
size, but as the Zeppelin comes in at nearly 4 ft long that's rather a
silly statement. 

Welcome to the list btw. I have long admired your work in Windsock and
did actually meet you at SMW a couple of years back. I had heard that
you had stopped the Wings'n'Wires SIG - is that true?


Nigel R

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