[WWI] Albatros B.II and Pfalz D.XII

JAMES GAGNON gagnonjamie at rogers.com
Thu Jul 14 16:11:09 EDT 2005

> Jamie says:
> " Could you give us some idea as to the marking scheme choices in the
> new kit?"
> The onlyindividual marking I recall is a a large swastika on the
> fuselage, but do recall several different serial numbers.  I can look if
> it is important to you..

Not critical, Lance, I shall  be buying a brace of them as a matter of 

> Jamie goes on to opine:
> " The fact that they were despised by the pilots ...[and] the
> predeliction of the Fokker products to sort of dissassemble in
> mid-flight."
> Is this true?  I seem to recall that it was the riggers, confronted
> with an extra set of interplane struts and the additional wires that may
> have preferred the Fokker D.VII.  Of course, the BMW-powered Fokker was
> a clearly superior machine...

 I had not read about the riggers being unhappy. I just recall reading that 
the pilots were less than enthused when assigned to the Pfalz rather than 
the Fokker, while those assigned to the Siemens-Schuckert fighters seemed to 
be happier (after its grounding for engines disassembling in mid-flight and 
subsequent return to the front).

> As for Fokker's supposed quality problems, I wonder how much of this
> can be laid at Weyl's door?  Seems like most period aircraft had
> occasional unexplained failures that needed to be investigated.  Were
> Fokker's problems with the Dr.I and E.V at all exaggerated?

As for that, I can't claim any expertise, but all of the sources I've read 
say that both had manufacturing (as opposed to design) problems, resulting 
in fatalities and had to be grounded for periods.

 Now as to how much of that is in the normal course of things with aircraft 
being designed and built in a very small time frame is difficult to gauge. 
Certainly I can recall many anecdotes of other aircraft coming apart in the 
air. How much was political? Albatros had problems with wings collapsing in 
the D.V but I don't recall them being grounded, and that was an actual 
design problem.


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