[WWI] Camel Datafile Question

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 08:49:12 EDT 2005

Dennis, Peter, Diego et al.:

Thanks.  I getting the Roden 2F1 for review, that's why I need to know about 
that version in particular.  I will hold off on Datafile #6 - my King of 
Combat book has a lot of nice pictures of the 2F1 and a side view drawing - 
no top or underside view, but I think I can make do.



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>    I've just gone through both Datafiles and # 6 is very basic.  Remember, 
>this was only the second year of the Datafiles and this was a work in 
>progress.  # 26 is about twice as big and much more detailed.  But it 
>doesn't cover the plane you want to build.  I would go with # 26 and look 
>for a more up to date reference on the 2F1.
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