[WWI] Re. Acrylic paint Question

Phillip Rayner dauphinxox at msn.com
Tue Jul 12 12:08:55 EDT 2005

Rick Geisler says:
I also have half empty/ or half full bottles purchased from Roll Models/ and 
Rosemont. Seems to be the Norm although I can't attest to this being 
correct! :-)
Rick G

Today I followed Matt Bittner's advice to cut the Mister Kit with Future and 
a drop of windshield wiper fluid (is that a surfactant, or just to improve 
the flavor?). It covered well, and now I'm waiting for it to cure for a 
while to see how tough it is. I also measured the contents of a  bottle and 
got a fraction under 1/2 oz (some had stuck to the side of the bottle), so 
if you have that 3/4 inch of paint, nothing has been lost to evaporation. I 
used an old Aztek airbrush for the test and found that the Mister Kit bottle 
will fit the Aztek siphon cap, designed for Modelmaster jars. I agree that 
the size of the bottle does seem odd, but it certainly makes stirring the 
paint easier.


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