[WWI] Back for more abuse

Allan Wright aew at unh.edu
Fri Jul 8 09:26:11 EDT 2005

Welcome back Stuart!

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 19:26 -0500, Stuart L. Malone wrote:
> Doing my Bad Penny impersonation:
> Hi guys, I've returned from my hiatus.  Just in time to remind  
> everyone that as a member of the Kansas City 2006 IPMS National  
> Convention Committee, we will have a table in Atlanta NOT in the main  
> vendor room.  I will NOT be there, but we will have the table staffed  
> with friendly knowledgeable people who will gladly help get you  
> registered for next year.  We anticipate vendor tables to go quickly,  
> so if anyone on the list is, or knows, a vendor who will be in  
> Atlanta, I suggest they find our table.  Others that aren't going to  
> Atlanta who may be interested in buying table(s), please contact our  
> Vendor Coordinator Steve Siebers at Steviesiebers at hotmail.com.  If  
> you prefer to not deal with email, the website will go live sometime  
> during or slightly after Atlanta 2005.  I don't have the web address  
> at my disposal at this time.  I'll try to get it and pass it along.
> I am still planning on hosting a 'list' night during the convention  
> which will include heaps of homemade KC smoked barbeque, locally  
> produced beer, and lots of tellin' lies.....  Of other interest is  
> the Liberty Memorial.  Please see their web site at http:// 
> www.libertymemorialmuseum.org.  Hopefully they will have their Tower  
> After Hours next summer too.  It may be nice to do that as a group as  
> well on the Friday night.
> Obviously, we have a Best WWI category.  I'm hoping to see some  
> really neat stuff next year.
> To those attending Atlanta, have fun, win some trophies, eat some  
> good food, and most importantly, raise a glass to those who couldn't  
> attend.
>                                  Stuart L. Malone

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