[WWI] Parafilm Help

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Thu Jul 7 22:04:41 EDT 2005

    Funny, I had thought about the freezer also. I will hold off until 
tomorrow to see if anyone else has some ideas. If not, "Off to the Cooler!" 
(in my best Sergeant Schultz voice)
Mike Muth
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>> I need some help. I wrapped some engine exhausts on an off topic plane in
>> parafilm, attached the part (no glue on parafilm) and painted the camo
>> scheme. So far, so good. Everything is now dry and I tried to remove the
>> parafilm. I don't know if I left it on too long or what, but I am having 
>> a
>> real problem removing it. I am using a #11 blade, but that is way too
>> tedious. Anyone out there have a  quick fix?
>> tia
>> Mike Muth
> Yeah, you let it dry too long. I've had that happen, seems you can never 
> get
> it all off. Warming it up makes it softer and even more tedious to remove.
> I haven't tried this, but perhaps cooling it off might make it easier to
> grab and pull off. Sit the model in the freezer for a few minutes.
> sp

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