[WWI] Today's events

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 7 14:49:00 EDT 2005

Peter and Karen, I understand your point, but my take on it is this: At 10 
and 12 years old my kids cannot take such a decision themselves. So I take 
it for them. I don't see this as any sort of victory for the gits 
responsible, since they've done nothing to change my point of view. And if 
it's the likely suspects, I think they's be happier to catch a few extra 
victims than to learn they'd put someone off. Hell, for all I know the next 
lunacy could be in Birmingham, where I'll be staying with my Mum. That won't 
stop us from going out though. But I know how I'd feel if we went and 
anything (unlikely as it is) did happen, when we didn't have to go. If I 
lived there and worked there, different story, then allowing it to stop 
normal life would be a defeat.

IMHO and all that. Anyway, without wanting to sound like I'm wimping out, it 
was a rainy day plan anyway.Last word on list about this, anyone else think 
I should change my mind, off list please.

Paul T. 

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