[WWI] Help: Albatros J.I

hmeza at cl.ibm.com hmeza at cl.ibm.com
Thu Jul 7 12:18:21 EDT 2005

Hi Gentlemen: I´m Hernan Meza from Chile, I´m a enthusiast of WWI and, 
inspired in this exotic universe of models, I´m building an Albatros J.I 
from Joystick Models. It´s no bad, although, in my country is very 
dificult to get information about this kind of guys. Is possible that 
someone get me some link about Albatros J.I or may be a cutaway?, my first 
problem is the cockpit, since I have a lot of pics of the exteriors an 
mainframe of the airplane but not from the cockpit and it´s structure and 

Thanks to all and best regards. I hope send yours pics of my kit when it´s 
finished. Bye!!!

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