[WWI] ICM 35th 35301 British Infantry (1917-1918)

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse rossmoor at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jul 6 22:02:38 EDT 2005

Taken from 

" 35301 British Infantry (1917-1918)
One of the new ICM plastic kits is "British Infantry (1917-1918)" in 1/35 
scale. This kit is injection molded, contains 48 parts in 1 sprue for 
assembly of four figures - one officer and three soldiers of British 
infantry of late WWI period.
Figures are shown in action poses. They are dressed with a field uniform of 
the British Army - brown leather boots (with leather overshoes for officer 
and canvas - for soldiers), khaki trousers and tunics 1902 pattern. The 
officer wears a khaki peaked cap, the bomber - knitted cap, and riflemen - 
steel helmets. The officer is armed with the Webley revolver, bomber - with 
Mills bombs in special harness, riflemen - with SMLE rifles No.1 Mk.III and 
bayonets. There are also full field equipments 1908 pattern for soldiers 

For pic of box art... http://armorama.com/photos/data/548/35301.jpg



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