[WWI] Nieuport 6H

mdt at iinet.com mdt at iinet.com
Wed Jul 6 13:56:56 EDT 2005

Tracy and Rick,

Thanks for the comments, the weathering was done with paint (Tamiya) and
oil washes. I "tried" to leave the finish of the areas that were going to
be metal a little rough. Then I used Tamiya "Titanium" for the metal,
airbrush it on and then give it a wash with black oil paint (all over), I
then dulcoated it. Then I drybrushed it with the Titanium to highlight and
give it a little sheen.

For everywhere else I basically I painted the model with a some what
darker tone of the color I wanted and then airbrushed successively lighter
shades on the "open" areas leaving it darker on the edges and around the
inter framework of the fuselage, in the photos I have it looked like there
was sort of a "stained" appearance (My interpretation anyway). I then
washed with oil paints (I do spot washes) and drybrushed after that.

It may not show well in the photos but I also used rib tape decals to
outline the frame work of the fuselage. I did go back with the darkest
shade and touch up some spots. It seems that every model is a learning
experience for me as I have yet to use the exact same technic on any two

I guess you could call me new to the list (I signed up 2 years ago) as I
posted pic's of my first two WWI models last summer. I try to follow the
list, but don't seem to find enough time to get really involved (I'll
blame that on work and two teenagers).


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