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Paul Butler pgbrol6b at tpg.com.au
Sat Jul 2 07:30:49 EDT 2005

I have collected more photos of the Mercedes D.IIIa engine and plan to send 
them to Allan sometime soon. These photos should help to clarify some 
details missing from other photos already in the archives.

As some may already know or remember, my primary interest is in the:

Pfalz D.XII
Pfalz D.III
Roland D.VI
Albatros D.Va
Albatros D.III

more or less in that order.

I have had long term plans to model these aircraft at 1/5 scale (the 
largest size that will fit in my workshop)

Other projects always pop-up for some reason or other but I am slowing 
making progress on the Pfalz D.XII,  as opportunity arises.

As I complete sections of this project, I propose to make information 
available to list members.

This information will probably include the following:

1. Photos taken of the example located at the Australian War Memorial Museum
2. Component drawings that may be of interest to others
3. Photos of the model

On the matter of drawings of the Pfalz D.XII, a number good examples by Bob 
Waugh and Colin Owers were featured in "World War 1 Aeroplanes" and may 
still be available from Leo Opdycke or Colin Owers. In the past, Bob Waugh 
has been very generous in providing information to various persons 
(including myself) but I am no longer aware of his position on this matter. 
Richard Ivansek also placed some of his drawings (for his full size flying 
reproduction) plus photos of his full size radiator in one or more issues 
of "World War 1 Aeroplanes"

Please note:

1. I am not aware of any really good fully detailed commercially published 
drawing of the Pfalz D.XII fuselage and empennage, (eg. to the standard of 
drawings by Jim Kiger or Bob Waugh's drawings of the Albatros D.Va featured 
in the NASM publication).

2. Any drawing I produce is strictly for modelling purposes only, as are my 
drawings of the Mercedes D.IIIa. I have to say this because one customer 
for my Mercedes engine book wanted it for reference in making a full size 
working reproduction. A working model is one thing (note I deliberately do 
not provide internal details of the engine), a full size version that may 
endanger life is quite another matter.

Cheers to all

Paul Butler

pgbrol6b at tpg.com.au
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