[WWI] Eindecker feaver was Mermaid N17

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Jul 1 15:22:44 EDT 2005

> Oh, one last thing, I went for pushrods. Peter loves pull-pull but I
> find it problematic to keep tensioned so I used very light pushrods.
> Allan

I solved that problem by using pieces of straight wire with loops in the
end. The appropriate pull/pull cables are tied off to the loops in the
wires. Then the wires run thru those DuBro servo arm connectors. I secure
the elevator & rudder in neutral position and then pull the wires taught and
fasten the set screw.

The D.VII had a hard landing and it knocked the two servos and their rails
completely loose. I loosened up the servo connectors, re-attached the servos
and rails then tightened up the wires and the pull/pull controls worked
perfectly again.

I was planning to use Pull/pull with my Eindekker. I wanted to try wing
warping, but I read an article in FSM (Flyinf Scale Models) about wing
warping and that creates more problems aerodynamically than it solver. No
disrespect to Orville & Wilbur, but wing warping doesn't work well,
especially on small models.

What do you think about building in washout  in lieu of dihedral or at least
to lessen the amount necessary?


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