[WWI] Bob Pearsons June IM Profiles

Bob Pearson bpearson at kaien.net
Fri Jul 1 03:44:06 EDT 2005

Thanks for the comments ... ..no one else mentioned them either, so no
worries there. It should be mentioned that back issues of ALL IM issues (and
AWN) are online in the archive section.

Those profiles are part of the updated CD. .. the first of which went to
Rimell last week for his vetting of some material he supplied. Once he
approves (demands changes) I can get to everyone else's


> From: "Rick Geisler" <ragfokker at hotmail.com>
> I am sorry if I missed a previous discussion of Bobs 27th Aero squadron
> profiles featured in June IM? What beautiful work! I can't believe I saw
> this on the absolute LAST DAY of the Issue. Appologies to Bob for not
> mentioning( or seeing) these profiles earlier!
> Rick G.

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