[WWI] As time goes by (A modeler's lament)

David C. Fletcher dcf at mars.ark.com
Mon Jan 31 22:28:16 EST 2005

KarrArt at aol.com wrote:

> << How many of you have "The Airplane 
> Reflex?"...> The whole family has it...

Too many threads, I'm getting confused...

First, yes, it was an Aurora Sp1tf1re I built back ca.1956 - mental 
block when I typed Monogram...

Second, on the subject of reacting to strange sounds, the weirdest 
clatter that drew my eyes skywards was when I was out walking the dog 
while stationed in Germany and the ceiling was low - the Lufthansa 
commemorative Ju 52  went right overhead at maybe 500 feet...  As a kid, 
the most memorable experiences were seeing a B-36 which seemed to hang 
in the sky and a Sp1tf1re with a bubble canopy which whistled by below 
the rooftops of the houses at the end of my street in England.  And I 
lived right under the flightpath to Woodford when the prototype Vulc at n 
was flying...

No wonder I made a career in aviation ;-)

Dave Fletcher

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