[WWI] As time goes by (A modeler's lament)

Buz Pezold pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 30 16:26:06 EST 2005


     I don't remember the actual name of the plane kit, but I would
recognize it in a heart beat if I saw it.  Sure, if you have pictures of the
sprue and box I would like to take a look at it.  As for "The Airplane
Reflex", I'm not as drastic as you.  I do listen when small planes fly over
the house and they throttle up or down their engines.


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>From: "Buz Pezold"

>I was 4 (1958) when my Dad let me try to build a model by
>myself.  It was a little Lindberg 29cent biplane racer (I didn't rig it).

Was that the Knight Twister? I recently accquired one of those. 29 cents? I
think I paid $8 or $10.00 for mine. I can send a picture of the spures and
box if you want a trip down memory lane.

So here's a new question for the list: How many of you have "The Airplane
Reflex?" You know, that involuntary reflex that makes your head jerk back
and eyes go up whenever you here an engine in the sky. Mine is pretty
severe. I even once disengaged from an act of copulation to run to the
window because I heard a chorus of round engines (a B-24 and 17 circling the
town to lure people to the airport).

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