[WWI] Optically challenged

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Mon Jan 31 01:21:57 EST 2005


i, for one, would very much like to see "in progress" shots of that camel.
anyone who goes to that much trouble in 1:72 deserves to show off a bit!

and in case you haven't learned the proper terminology yet, it is as
follows:  everything is "in progress".  nothing is ever "unfinished".


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> > To which I would reply:  on that 1/48 quadrant you are likely to need
> > teeth, bolts, connectors, a dimensional handle, and perhaps a completely
> > separate spark advance assembly because of the increased visibility.
> > (Well, I would, and so would a lot of other guys around here.)  In 1/72,
> > a lot of this can be fudged with paint.
> Ah well, that's where we differ then. I don't need to add anything at all
> I choose. As I said, I build slowly enough as it is without succumbing to
> advanced AMS. In my twenties I went all out on Revell's 1/72 Camel, even
> the point of adding the tiny pulleys in front of the rudder bar. I still
> have that Camel, unfinished, on my workbench! And I might add that I did
> that work quite easily with my contact lenses (for distance) in. Now I can
> barely see the cockpit at all without taking my glasses off!
> Cheers,
> Andy

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