[WWI] Thinking of time gone bye;

Mr.T dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Sun Jan 30 13:22:54 EST 2005

> <<Speaking of old kits, anyone seen one of those little Aurora B-17s. IIRC
> they were box scale and probably slightly smaller than 1:144.

I had the "delux" 12 O'Clock High edition.  You go 3 B-17's and a large base
resembling French/German town.  When finished there were decals on the clear
part of the stands showing bombs falling away on the target below.

I might as well add my two pence here.

My first recollection of plastic modeling was waking up from an afternoon
nap to (preschool 1959?) find my Dad building what I now know as the old
Lindberg 1/72 fighters.  I know there was a P-47, Spit and 1*9thingie.  A
few months later he let me have a shot at a Hawk GB racer.  I left the prop
off so it would look like a jet.

I can't remember my first plastic OT kit.  I know I did  Guillows Dr-I in
7th grade. I remember fearing trying to fly it.  Wound up the rubber just a
little bit and it did a 45 degree glide into the grass snapping off the
gear. Got fixed and hung up on the basement ceiling.  Was still there 10
years ago.

I know that I got the entire Renwal Aero Skin 1/72 series as a package deal
one birthday in grade school.  That's where I first made the connection that
different pilots painted their planes diffeently,  Particularly Willie
Gabriel.  I was disappointed because for the first time I also encounterd a
problem in the kits. The Camel ? had the plastic bits for an SE-5.  never
did finish that one.



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