[WWI] As time goes by (A modeler's lament)

KarrArt at aol.com KarrArt at aol.com
Sun Jan 30 21:59:48 EST 2005

<< How many of you have "The Airplane 
Reflex?" You know, that involuntary reflex that makes your head jerk back 
and eyes go up whenever you here an engine in the sky.>.

The whole family has it. On at least two occassions all three of us have 
jammed into doorways when some interesting sound happened. One time a roar was 
heard while we visiting in Northern California and it turned out to be a U-2 or 
whatever that thing is that's its descendant. Another time we wedged ourselves 
in a door at my wife's aunt's place and broke free just in time to see a 
Viggen go screaming by.
My eyes and ears have been rewarded with Fokker Triplane repros, B-17s, a 
B-24, a P-38, all the current US military stuff and on and on.

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