[WWI] Caching up

Marc Flake mflake at airmail.net
Mon Jan 31 21:38:24 EST 2005

Been busy, not busy enough to miss the digests, just too busy to respond.

First -- I got started modeling in the sixties.  The kits were mainly 
1/48 Monograms, and Aurora tanks (yes they were 1/48th too).  I also 
built 1/600  Airfix ships.  I stopped doing plastic while in the Navy, 
switching to figures (mainly 25 mm, but some 54mm, too.).  After I 
graduated from college, and spent a couple of years in the workorce, I 
returned to plastic (all 1/72 and mainly Revell and Airfix biplanes).  

Second -- Airplane reflex.  Yes, I have it.  But my ear is tuned so well 
that I rarely look up unless it's something different than the odd 
Cessna or Piper.  There's a nice rotary biplane that flys by two or 
three times a year.  They test the V-22 at the nearest airport, but I 
haven't seen one for a while.  What really gets my heart pumping is the 
unmistakable drone of a blimp's engines.  But it would never bring me 
out from between the sheets.  I might be sorely tempted by eight 
rotaries, though.

Third -- I'm optically challenged.  But I use an Optivisor.

Fourth -- Lot's of inspiring models have been posted on the site this 
month.  You guys are a little intimiadting at times because your work is 
so great.  Being part of the list really pushes me to the next level of 
modeling.  And I have a lot of levels to go.

Fifth -- I'm also a little intimidated with the Omega SPAD A2 that I 
have on the workbench.  It's really hard sometimes to get up and go over 
there knowing that it's waiting for me.  So far so good.  The engine is 
assembled (don't ask how many parts it has) and the upper and lower 
wings are attached to each other sans fuselage.  The thing has given me 
such fits that I decided I needed to put together the R-100 Airship. 
 And it has turned into a sanding nightmare all on its own.

And to think, I have all those lovely Eduard kits just waiting to fall 
together.  Maybe next month.

Marc Flake

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