[WWI] As time goes by (A modeler's lament)

John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
Sun Jan 30 18:20:46 EST 2005

I do I do, all the time, I live close to a small airport and on nice days we
have a JU 52 flying around here giving rides and a Fuji blimp which is
housed there and during the summer we have two 52s one being Swiss and man
you should here them come over together wow! and run to the window, yep
still do. ;-)
John Marco

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> So here's a new question for the list: How many of you have "The Airplane
> Reflex?" You know, that involuntary reflex that makes your head jerk back
> and eyes go up whenever you here an engine in the sky. Mine is pretty
> severe. I even once disengaged from an act of copulation to run to the
> window because I heard a chorus of round engines (a B-24 and 17 circling
> town to lure people to the airport).
> E.

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