[WWI] halberstadt d types

Jesse Thorn jsthorn at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 31 14:31:35 EST 2005


thanks for the history! it is certainly a legendary piece of modeling 
which deserves an article  on the wwi-models website with photos 
covering its travels and  'victims'.

Shane wrote-------------------------------------
  On another subject - I'm very pleased to see you posting again. I 
recall using a jpg of your beautifull Koster?? Hannoverana as wallpaper 
for almost a year, simply for the enthusiasm it engendered. Hopefully 
we'll see a few more as good sometime soon?

thanks for the hannover compliment.

i just moved cross country. yesterday i finally found and opened the 
box containing my koster hannover cl.iii vacuform. as i was unpacking 
the box i thought, " why did the movers place several books on top of 
it? packing material?" i got real pissed off when i got a good look at 
how a 3-d model had been compressed into a 2-d collection of plastic 
pieces and crinkly lozenge decal.

several other models received the same treatment. so, i'm going to 
submit a damage form with the moving company and ask for reimbursement. 
what value would list members place on their labor in terms of dollars 
(euros etc) / hour?  i figure it took 60 hours to complete this one 
model. using a conservative labor cost of $10/hour that would be $600 + 
materiel costs.

shane, what would you do about your marvelous felixstowe in similar 

everyone's thoughts appreciated.

now back to my inconsolable weeping.


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