[WWI] (no subject)

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Mon Jan 31 19:01:10 EST 2005

>Yes, Diegos drawings are neat, unfortunately a bit crammed in
a corner though. Pedros article is really very good, and the Sp3 
looks great in the photos. I hope you'll still talk to us Pedro,
now you're famous!
/Neil C.

Oh, sure Neil,

Just give my secretary a call to set up an appointment… ☺

As Nigel said, it’s good to see the list getting so much attention in one single Winsock issue.

Incidentally, my silence on List has been due to going through a terribly busy phase both at work and at home. 

I'm hoping things will ease a bit more in February.

Does anyone know when the Staaken is due out?


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