[WWI] halberstadt d types

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 29 19:01:18 EST 2005

Jesse says:

>forgive me for asking, but i haven't been paying attention lately. i found 
>a thread called "Shane's Halbie". is this a kit of a halbie d type? or a 
>reference to an inside joke?

A few years ago Steve Perry and I arranged to swap models across the Pacific 
- he sent an SE-5a to our contest in Brisbane, I sent a 1/72 Pegasus 
Halberstadt Cl.II to him to compete in Florida.

Without my previous knowledge SP (or maybe I just forgot!) SP passed the 
model on to Dave Burke, who took in to Alabama, then he passed it to Brent 
who took it all over the place, then to Pedro in Portugal, Neil in Sweden, 
Dave in Scotland and it's now in England.

Sort of a global combat mission against the list hordes, with listees 
attending the shows considered as "observers" and those competing against it 
as "adversaries"

Has been a bit of fun. I try not to influence where it goes, especially 
since I don't (can't!) pay the postage so my friends have to really *want* 
to do it. And it's more fun when HQ sends her on secret mission!

>i would like to get a 1/48th halbie if there is one to be had. i see that 
>eduard has announced a d.v for later this year but i prefer the lines of 
>the earlier marks.

Sadly I don't know of any - the only one in my stash is the CSM resin kit

On another subject - I'm very pleased to see you posting again. I recall 
using a jpg of your beautifull Koster?? Hannoverana as wallpaper for almost 
a year, simply for the enthusiasm it engendered. Hopefully we'll see a few 
more as good sometime soon?


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