[WWI] halberstadt d types

Neil Eddy steed_and_peel at iprimus.com.au
Sat Jan 29 18:56:22 EST 2005

Hi Jesse;

No, this is no joke! 'Shane's Halbie' - this is a frowsy of tart of a model
that is part of the international jet set, tripping from country to country
to take part in model shows the world over. She used to be a good looking
model but from some reports I've heard she's had 'work' done

I'm not sure where she's off to next but I believe she may be wintering in
the UK following an unsuccessful gig at Telford ;-) I wonder if all that
work and travel isn't taking its toll? (hopefully her 'work' is better than
that of a certain ex-member of a well known five member family singing
group..... ;-)

I think there are some publicity shots of her (pre-surgery) on  Shane
Weier's page in the WW1 Models gallery.........

Personally, I think she's been an ex-pat for too long. I think its time she
came home to face the music  and gigged on the local circuit ;-)


All the Best

Neil E
(Down There)

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> forgive me for asking, but i haven't been paying attention lately. i
> found a thread called "Shane's Halbie". is this a kit of a halbie d
> type? or a reference to an inside joke?
> i would like to get a 1/48th halbie if there is one to be had. i see
> that eduard has announced a d.v for later this year but i prefer the
> lines of the earlier marks.
> thanks,
> jesse

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