[WWI] RE: Thinking of time gone by

J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Sat Jan 29 18:23:58 EST 2005

 Ha ! The little Aurora B-17 ! 
     I converted mine into a 1/72 escort fighter. The nose glass was the
propeller spinner, and the pilot's head was in the top turret. The engine
nacelles housed the wing canons. 
     My idea was that in real life this thing would fly along with the
bomber formations, and the German fighter pilots would think it was
another B-17 a long ways off, because it was small.Then when they moved
in for the attack - surprise! it was right on top of them with guns
    I had it hanging from the ceiling next to my Revell Memphis Belle (
both swimsuits red ).
    I also converted a 1/28 Revell Spad to a 1/72 bomber . The pilots sat
in the nose where the engine had been, and 4 tiny rotaries were attached
to the wings.
     I must have had some idle time when I was younger....

     And right on Ernest ! Why do ignorant people think our hobby is any
less valid than spending hours in front of a television or hitting a
little ball around ? Or people who collect "collectibles" with no more
involvement in their hobby than spending money ? I don't criticise them,
and they shouldn't belittle us.
    When I research a model, I learn new things in many subjects- color
theory, history, airframe design, armament, etc. 
     When I build, I am alone with my thoughts, and I think about those
pilots, what it was like to fly and fight in this plane ; about
mortality, courage, the meaning of life and the hereafter. I end up with
a greater appreciation of life, and appreciation of my family as a
     I feel I help keep the memory of those brave few alive when people
see my models, and I tell their story. And I have something to show for
my time, and that I can go back and enjoy .I sometimes build models of
people's cars and give them as gifts, and that is always appreciated too.
     So to them I say leave me to my "toys" that you will never
understand, and go back to your TV. Modelers are some of the best people
I know.
J.R. Boye

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