[WWI] Optically challenged

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jan 29 16:03:33 EST 2005

I agree that the big problem I have with going up in scale is that the
bigger, the more seems to be called for to make a good representation. 
Except for the one or two kits i build to show off or for someone else, I'm
perfectly happy with the "floor w/ rudder pedals, seat, instrument panel
decal, stick and gunsight" for most of my ot kits in 1/72nd.  These kits,
to me, mainly exist as a marking canvas and type comparison collection, so
most are closed-cockpit.  When I want to really do up something, I can, but
most of these are for the "so that's what a Spitershmidt A-5-BO looks like
compared to its B-55-CO version"  The markings are interesting, too, and I
tend to build aircraft examples that are not-untypical of the type, but
also show interesting variation across the series.

My OT aircraft, since I build those in 1/48, the interiors have to be good
and as complete as I can stand to work them.  If there is going to be this
womping great hole in the aircraft, it pays to show there was something
inside it.

So going up in scale doesn't make life easier, it just makes the kit
require more to make it look complete.  And I still need an optical crutch
to see what I'm doing.


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