[WWI] Thinking of time gone bye;

KarrArt at aol.com KarrArt at aol.com
Sat Jan 29 14:43:59 EST 2005

<<Aug 5 1054. Second Birthday. I got a "Wind Up" model. Testors or Guillows
stick thingie in a plastic bag. Red propeller>>

It was 871, Ethelred had just kroaked and the future Alfred the Great was 
saying " Holy crap, what do I do now?" Christmas, my grandmother sent me a Revell 
U.S.S. Sullivans destroyer....ok ok- it was really long 'bout '56. Next up an 
Aurora Fokker D.VII with the bar-b-quing pilot on the box top...followed by 
the Aurora big B-25. First "serious' attempt at WW I was an Aurora Albatros 
D.III/VWhatever in December '63 ( I had just turned 11). Followed by most of the 
Revell 1/72, 1/28, Aurora 1/48, Aurora Monsters, Hawk Weirdos, Monogram 1/48, 
Guillows ( and big heaping numbers of "Guillow "sized scratch builts) etc. 
Fanaticism confirmed by visiting old TallMantz museum in '64 and seeing real 
Camel, SE5a, Farman, Pfalz D.XII, SPAD VII etc. No break in the Rock'n'Roll/Girl 
era. I combined the music and modeling by building models of bands. Meanwhile I 
always had an airplane or two happening on the work bench next to an aborning 
Hendrix head or Clapton foot.

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