[WWI] Optically assaulted

JAMES GAGNON gagnonjamie at rogers.com
Sat Jan 29 10:55:21 EST 2005

Hi folks;

Speaking of  vision aids; my  stand for my desktop magnifier decided to 
break off while I was putting the top wing on MvR's Fokker Dr.I last 
weekend. I was using the light to see the kit so of course it was in perfect 
position to fall right onto the model in my hands. The result was two broken 
struts (easily repaired) and some nasty gouges in the paint.

While I can model without visual aid as long as lighting is good, I have 
found that using aid produces much better results and makes the process much 
easier. For example I built a Dragon Dr. I five years ago and remember 
having a bugger of a time getting the front piece on to each of the Spandaus 
correctly on that build, done without any maginifier. This time I used my 
optivizor and found the task very easy.

I've also noticed that there were may small errors on older builds that I 
simply could not see, but would be perfectly apparent to anyone with younger 
eyes. Small glue marks, file and sanding scratches, brush marks and small 
gaps between paint colours that were invisible to me became noticeable when 
I started using aids. These problems would have been easily correctable for 
my skill level. In fact, I've revisired some of my older kits and corrected 
such goofs since I acquired various magnifiers.

I use a desktop magnifier(needs replacement) a n Optivizor #3 and a cheapo 
optivizor knock-off that has several magnifying factors but seems 'fuzzy' as 
well as prescription reading glasses with a  10" focal length. I use 
whichever seems appropriate to what I am doing. But strong light on the work 
is the best aid.


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