[WWI] RE: Thinking of time gone bye; - First kits

JAMES GAGNON gagnonjamie at rogers.com
Sat Jan 29 09:49:45 EST 2005

Hi folks;
> I've been lurking, watching and learning for a couple
> of months now.  The thread on times gone by prompted
> me to think waaaaaaaaaaay back.

I've posted a few times, but I agree about the thinking back. My first kits 
were bought for my 10th birthday/Christmas of 1964 (Christmas and birthday 
got combined several times because of date proximity) by my father. He was 
thinking this was something we could do together. They were the Revell 1/72 
Avro Lancaster (dambuster) and a ship, the Seeadler. I found my hobby. Dad 
stopped helping before we even finished the first kit. He simply couldn't 
match my enthusiasm or determination to 'get them right'.

The local drugstore in my hometown had the complete range of Revell 1/72 WWI 
fighters. No one else in town seemed interested, so over the next year or so 
I bought and built them all. After that I became much less centred of 
neccesity. Several stores in town had small stocks of kits, all different. I 
simply bought what was available as I could afford them. The result was a 
wide variety of scales and subjects.

I dropped out of the hobby in 1984 and returned about 1996. When I returned, 
I looked at what was available and decided to restrict myself to 1/48 WWI
and WWII aircraft, so that I could concentrate the collections emphasis. The 
only exceptions would be for items like a couple of Zvezda triremes and the 
Polar Lights Enterprise NX-01.

About 3 years ago I discovered this list, at about the same time there 
seemed to be an explosion of WWI kits in my scale. I've bought about a 
hundred since and even managed to build 16, the latest completion being the 
Flashback Aviatik D.I in Linke-Crawford's livery. By the way, I decided to 
change the fuselage band to black per the consensus of knowledgeable folk, 
but kept the letter 'L' in red. His other aircraft all had red lettering, 
and there was no reason for him to make the letter match the band. 
Photographs would not neccesarily show the two as different given the way 
red sometimes appears in B&W photographs. It looks cool. I've got to get a 


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