[WWI] Thinking of time gone bye;

Don Ralston don.ralston at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jan 29 09:45:15 EST 2005

Shane wrote

>>Aug 5 1054. Second Birthday. I got a "Wind Up" model. Testors or Guillows
>>stick thingie in a plastic bag. Red propeller
> We have a winner. Bet no-one else started modelling earlier

> Think he meant 1954?

My first kit was a Short Sunderland , just after the war in1945. It was 
solid wood, crudely sawn in profile and hard as nails (Couldn't get the 
balsa). Blunted one file on it, then gave up. Never started again till the 
mid-50's with the Airfix 1/72 OT models. SWMBO threw these away when we got 
married. She must have had a conscience though, 'cos now I've got a room to 
display them and a hut to make 'em.


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