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Hi all

Ha, now I DID find it.

With apologies to Michael, who has enertained me with this response for over 
three years now!


Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 12:27:40
From: "Michael Kendix" <mkendix at hotmail.com>
To: wwi at wwi-models.org
Subject: Re: collection planning

>From: "Grzegorz Mazurowski" <grzem at yahoo.com>

>Hi list!
>How do you plan your collections (types of planes, but paint schemes


Excellent question there!  Possibly, almost as much fun can be had in
planning as in the building.  My planning has been enhanced significantly by
the use of software such as "Microsoft Project" and learning to program in
FORTRAN.  I feed in all the available data, my personal preferences, cost of
references, paints etc. into a behavioural microsimulation model, which
involves a stochastic optimal control operation, primarily through the use
of various Markov chain functions.  Using, a Gauss-Newton algorithym, one
can easily solve for the globally optimum path over an infinite time horizon
(the end point conditions are easier) and plug it into the "planner"
software.  The latter takes care of things like "evenings I know no
modelling can occur" such as IPMS club nights, Valentine's Day and the
wife's birthday etc.

Finally, I open my closet and whichever kit falls out onto my head - that's
the next one!


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