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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 29 06:18:00 EST 2005

Lance says

>I have been doing a fair amount of tinkering in 1/72 in the last
>several years, and from a vision perspective there is no difference at
>all.  The EMPHASIS is different; the skills are identical.
>What say the true bi-scale practitioners?

I guess that's me. I started with 1/72 and never built more than one or two 
larger scale models before my early twenties - so I had over 15 years as a 
dink scaler. Then biscalar to now, though I tried to ditch 1/72 about 10 
years ago, and built few of them until the rush of decent injection OT kits 
tempted me back again.

As far as eyesight goes - I am extremely short sighted and have been 
forever, but now have difficulty at close as well as long range. Typical mid 
to late forties eyesight changes, in that I need bifocals.

I lost most of the vision in my right eye  to acute glaucoma in 1984. It 
took me about 5 years to really learn how to model without proper depth 
perception but I do okay now.

Eyesight isn't an issue unless you choose to make it one. Optivisors or desk 
magnifiers or spectacles will overcome, though some change of habits is also 

And what scale is irrelevant anyhow. All that changes is the *type* of 
detail which is tiny in that scale, not the actual size. So you can be 
equally unable to see that throttle handle in 1/72 or a wingnut in 1/48 
(which would never be added in 1/72)


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