[WWI] Latest Windsock - Telford gathering Redux, resent and updated

Nigel Rayner nigel at rosnar.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 29 05:43:03 EST 2005

Hi all,

First send of this didn't appear to get through, so I'm resending....

Emerging from deep lurk to say that I have just received the latest
Windsock. Lots of great content and as usual well worth the cover price,
but three key points of notice:

- Superb article on Pedro's build of Marco's Models SP3. Lots of pics
and lots of info on the build. Great stuff!
- The pre-Telford list meeting with Ray seems to have made an
impression. We get a great plug from Ray himself. To quote: "Many WS
contributors and artists number among list members and you would do well
to bookmark the site" (fortunately he doesn't mention the assorted
lunatics and weirdos that inhabit the list as well). There's also a scan
of a list button and publicity for Sanjeev and Pedro's wins at Telford. 
- Finally, some neat photos from Lance of a couple of US aero engines
from Dayton.
- I also just noticed there are some of Diego's sketches and a brief
piece on turnbuckles prompted by the discussion Ray had with Karen at
the RAFM.

Buy it now if you don't have it!


Nigel R

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